Hard Floor Cleaning Finsbury Park

hard-floor-cleaning-finsbury-parkIf you need professional washing of your hard floors use our services. We offer highly effective and reliable hard floor cleaning and polishing in and around Finsbury Park, N4 which will bring the best possible results.

Our staff of cleaning technicians are supplied with the necessary machines and products for sanitising to do the work well.

They are trained and certified to implement cleaning of all kinds of hard floors: marble, granite, terracotta, terrazzo, vinyl, ceramic and others. Use our call centre or online booking form to specify all details and receive a free quote.

Pristine Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Finsbury Park

To ensure the good condition and longer lifespan of your hard floors use our professional services. They involve:

  • Preliminary inspection of the floor and testing the cleaning products
  • Spraying the floor with the chosen cleaning solution
  • Using of specialised powerful rotary and buffing machines to spread the cleaning solution
  • Washing and brushing the floor
  • Cleaning hard to be accessed areas by hand
  • Rinsing, drying and polishing the floor

“ I used this company last week, and I would recommend them to everyone who wants a great service for their hard floors. This company gave me fantastic results. The team of cleaners were very professional and very attentive and careful. I liked them very much, I will call up on you again. ” – Anna

Before starting work, our staff check the condition and type of the floor. They choose the necessary detergents and machines for work and test them on a small area. Then, our technicians apply cleaning solution and spread it using rotary and buffing machine that has brushes and work at high speed.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing N4

hard-floor-cleaning-polishing-finsbury-parkThey wash hard to be reached areas by hand. The floor tiles, grout and slates are perfectly washed and rinsed. In the end, our technicians wipe the floor area dry. You can count on our workers to implement professional hard floor cleaning and polishing in Finsbury Park with great results.

If the hard floor appears shaded, stained and has deeply ingrained dirt which can’t be removed with the rotary machines, our staff will apply polishing agents and machines on them. This way the dirt and soiling from the crevices, grout and tiles will be removed without a trace.

Our floor polishing ensures the longer lifespan of your hard floor coverings. Contact out company’s representatives to book the hard floor cleaning and polishing we offer in N4 and everywhere nearby. You won’t be disappointed.

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